Incredibly cool
Dec. 12, 2016

Now, if you doubted for a moment: take it or not- necessarily take !!! Such sensations, you have not experienced in life, it is checked. First time with flyboard as the first time with a girl, clumsily but terribly great. It is not for little girls, my personal opinion, we have to work hard kicks, body, balance, dive, hold your breath and so on. Although not all men cope. If you are a skier or snowboarder, it will be easy for you

All have to try it
Dec. 12, 2016

All have to try it. Its nice place and people there are so friendly. Otherwise its deficult but soooooo nice and i will try it again when i come back to pattaya

Great place, I advise everyone
Oct. 10, 2016

I advise everyone to try this entertainment. I expect that the fly will not be so easy, but after the first minute I got it. Feeling incredible !!! A year ago, myself would not have believed that I would fly through the air from power of water.

Awesome flyboard experience
Oct. 10, 2016

Awesome flyboard experience. The Russian instructor very soft and a good person.. It was a 20mins ride.. Tried harder to come up.. But was able to come only till certain level.. It's worth the money u spend..

I come here for the second time
Sept. 09, 2016

For the second year in a row vacationing in Pattaya and the second time I ride a flyboard. Attraction is close to Pattaya on a small lake. Russian instructors tell correctly and competently and explain how and what to do. Good equipment. Video and photo shooting for a surcharge. If happen to visit again in Pattaya, for sure will come again.

What fun !!
Sept. 09, 2016

It's a fantastic experience. The instructors and the staff are friendly. Serge, my instructor is an amazing guy. The activity lasts for about 30 mins Best way to get there - Scooter taxi. There are no tar roads near the lake. Better keep the taxi waiting until you finish Carry - swimming trunks or shorts, extra tee, towel (without fail) and if you have a go pro that seals the deal. They charge about 3k + 900b for videos and memory card. I am going to go there again for sure.

An explosion of emotions!
Feb. 02, 2016

An explosion of emotions! To be honest, afraid that did not work! But! Could! Happened! Very cool! However, all flights pinched nose with his hand, so as not to hit the water in the fall) Thanks for the presented emotions! After our flight, we were shown a real master class !!! It's great!

Very cool!
Jan. 01, 2016

Guys you are great! True professionals! At first it was scary, and then a lot of fun! I advise everyone! :-)